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Emergency Response

Author: Danny Maiello

It was a Friday night holiday weekend just past 7 o’clock when we received a call from a gentleman that was in need of a blood clean up. His sister’s boyfriend had committed suicide in the garage with a high caliber rifle. He struggled to talk, not knowing how what to say but he knew he couldn’t have his sister come home until all of the blood was cleaned. The man stated he called multiple companies and received either no response, they couldn’t come out immediately, or they would come on Monday after the holiday weekend. That just doesn’t work.

We arrived at 9PM and took the gentleman through the steps of how we would clean the area. I told him, after, when we are finished and the area is cleaned up and manageable for your sister to come home, we can sit down and talk about payment. We finished cleaning by 8 o’clock the next morning and were gone before his sister ever came home.

After speaking with the gentleman, he said he was very appreciative and never thought after multiple calls he made for help, someone would respond so fast. You can try to prepare mentally for something like this but it’s hard to know where to start or who to call. I don’t understand how anyone could turn away a victim’s family whose life has completely changed in an instant. People need to quickly have this first step after a tragedy. This is why we do what we do.

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