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How Covid-19 Can Spread Undetected

Even with frequent hand washing, you could still be accidentally spreading Covid-19. Here's How. 


The positive cases of Coronavirus are still on the rise in Nevada, and according to Nevada Health Response, this virus does not discriminate who it will infect. When the break out first occurred, many researchers and scientists believed that the virus mainly infected the older population. However, in Nevada, just under 18% of patients are between ages of 30 and 39, while 14% are between the ages of 60-69.


With this data, Nevadans are becoming increasingly anxious. The Nevada government, and specifically, Clark County are doing what they can to help provide some relief through special funding, And medical facilities are working around the clock to set up testing for antibodies


Each day brings new insight, new information, maybe additional information that contradicts what scientists and doctors thought they knew about this virus, but all of this information has only reinforced what Bio-One accomplishes. To decontaminate and disinfect a place of work or your home can be a daunting, and actually, quite dangerous task. 


The Bio One team is a top leader in coronavirus cleaning, so we are specially trained in how to handle contaminated areas. This includes knowledge of cross contamination, which EPA approved chemical to use and when/where, and we are trained on how to properly suit up with PPE so that our clients do not have to worry about accidental contamination and bringing it to their friends and family. Any hazardous or infection waste is properly disposed off, to avoid accidental contamination in other areas. 


Bio One is working around the clock for emergency calls, 7 days per week. We are here to support our fellow Nevadans in this fight, and we are here to help get our economy ready to reopen so we can hit the ground running when that day comes!