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This Week With Bio-One Henderson – A Time to Reflect

Author: Danny Maiello

This work never stops serving as a reminder of why we do this. This particular week, we started on Saturday the 19th helping the grandson of a woman who no longer could live in their mobile home due to gross filth and hoarding of trash and other items through the entire house. To help manage cost, we focused first in the den/living room as the whole carpet was covered with feces and dirt 3 inches thick with trash on top of it. My tech and I got started and gutted it out all the way to the sub-floor. Daniel, our client, was so excited about the completed work he asked us to come back the following week to help with the rest of the house.

Sunday, the 20th, marked the midway point of Bio-One Henderson’s first year in business, but it has felt nothing like a business with the fulfilment we get when helping families. With that said, I took that Sunday to go to the movies and dinner with my parents to reflect and spend time with them. The experience of Bio-One has been life changing and I can’t wait for the future.

On Monday, we maintained the work truck and resupplied what was needed. Tuesday, we began early with disinfecting most areas of the home first and then removing trash on the floor to clear a path to work. After a few hours, we removed all the clutter and most of the furniture from the house. The carpets wouldn’t roll up or fold easily due to the animal urine and water damage so something so easy took a lot of effort. Daniel decided to stay nearby as he wanted to witness the process. He came to talk with us during our water breaks, thanking us and asking if we needed anything.

The main point that struck me is he was so shocked and thankful for turning this home around. He said he plans on living in the home and starting new. The simple fact that I can help someone start fresh and new makes me feel amazing, it gives me the strength to help the next person.

That next person came in the form of an emergency call Tuesday night. Someone shot themselves in an open field next to an elementary school and it needed to be cleaned up before the school opened on Wednesday. I arrived at the school at 5:30AM and handled the blood clean up. It was really important that it was fully cleaned up before the school opened. Then back to Daniel’s house to finish carpet removal and scraping the sub floor. The next step for this home is a deep sanitation and wipe down of all the walls and ceilings.

Personal life events and/or situations come up so we told Daniel there we could be back first thing the following week or whatever worked best for him. Thursday and Friday were planning and marketing days. Also, days for me to reflect, not just as a business owner but personally as well. This career has no schedule and doesn’t follow the rules of “time”. When a family is in need or someone just doesn’t know where to get started it never matters what time or day it is, we will always be here to help.

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