Bio-One of Henderson decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Realtors and Property Owners - We Can Help!




Attention property owners and realtors!  


We can help you more than you know.  Just recently, Bio-One Henderson, has helped eliminate tobacco smoke odor from a rental home being put up for sale.  From hoards, to gross filth, to feces, to urine, to mold, to unbelievable horrific odors, we can help get the property ready for sell and ready for a new family.  


Renters do not always treat the home they reside in as if it were their own- this is no secret.  Once a renter moves out and the owner assesses the residence for what repairs need to be made, sometimes more issues come up than expected.  Even though that lease states that smoking cigarettes in the residence is prohibited, many tenants ignore that rule.  We can help with tobacco odor removal!  Pets can damage a home by either defecating and/or urinating on the flooring and or walls which not only leaves an awful smell, but a bio-hazard that is not easy to remove.  We can help with feces and urine remediation and odor removal from those situations!  Hoarding and neglect of throwing away food and/or items that are soiled cause mold and a bad distinguished odor.  We can help with hoarding removal, mold remediation, and the awful smell!  How about just a deep clean/sanitation of a residence that looks like it has not been properly cleaned in a long time- our chemicals are stronger and better than anything that can be bought over the counter.  We can make that residence sparkle!  Sometimes tragedy occurs in a home where the owner of the property is left to handle it- a crime or death occurs causing damage to the home from the blood and/or other bodily fluids.  We can help with removing those bio-hazards and getting the residence back to a safe condition!


There really is a long list of what Bio-One can do to help others.  Once our clients see what we can accomplish for them, they are convinced- Bio-One can greatly help in a timely and efficient manner while doing the project the right way.  Keep us in mind when you or your clients are forced to deal with any of these issues, and more- we are only a call away!